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2018 Summer Girl Powerment Summer Day Camp


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Huakailani School for Girls is offering the first Girl Powerment Summer Day Camp at the beautiful YWCA Kokokahi Campus.  Our girls will enjoy a supportive and nurturing environment, will learn to express themselves creatively and compassionately, as well as stretch their bodies and minds through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. 

Girls will be empowered and develop physical and emotional strength through the practice of physical and mindful activities. To develop a stronger sense of self, girls will engage in projects to focus on self-reflection, self-care, body image, and the influences of social media. Girls will also learn about famous inspirational women, develop leadership skills, and be encouraged to find their strong authentic voice. There will also be play, laughter, silliness, and giddiness to encourage girls to just be well... girls!

Some camp offerings:

STEAM Projects and Activities
Arts & Crafts (painting, photography, watercoloring,  etc.)
Social Grace and Etiquette Classes
Mindfulness and Meditation
Hiking & Swimming
Recreational Sports

Once you submit this form online, you will receive a registration packet in the mail containing all of the information you will need to finalize your child's registration for her classes.

In order to use all facilities at YWCA, we require all parents to register for an annual membership ($50.00) Please register here: After you have registered, please print out a copy of your receipt as proof of registration. 

Please contact us at or 808-263-2020 if you have any questions.

All camp information can also be accessed at or on the school website - http://